Transfer Super 8, 8mm & 16mm to Digital.

We professionally transfer your home movie film reels to DVD or Flash Drive. We scan film using professional equipment in either standard definition or high definition. Call (602)438-4381 for a quote or click below to get a quote emailed to you!

*Starting at 12¢ per foot.

*After discount has been applied.


Even to today, many home movies in the U.S. are stored on 8mm tape. Got Memories can transfer the memories stored on this type of film to digital formats.

*Starting at 12¢ per foot.

*After discount has been applied.


It may be a nostalgic favorite of Hollywood filmmakers, but it’s time to move your Super 8 family memories to digital. We have the right equipment to do just that.

*Starting at 12¢ per foot.

*After discount has been applied.



Discs are not only durable, but they can hold hours of your family memories. You can just pop the DVD into your player and enjoy the film with no hassle. This is an accessible format for easy TV or Computer viewing. We do not recommend DVD’s for editing.

MP4 to Flash Drive or Cloud

Digital files are obsolete-proof, in that you can always move the file to a new format at a later time. This is a great option if you are going to edit and or upload online. You can purchase a thumb drive from GotMemories for an additional cost, depending on the size needed.

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For more than 35 years, Got Memories has helped families transfer and store their most precious memories. We specialize in film-to-digital transfers. Learn more about our process below.


From 16mm to Super 8, we handle all kinds of film for digital transfer—even foreign film formats! No matter what your memories are stored on, we have the equipment and experience needed to successfully transfer the media to a digital file on a USB thumb drive or DVD.


At Got Memories, we use the latest, advanced equipment for processing film and completing the digital transfer process. This results in a perfect reproduction. Our facility in Phoenix, Arizona is completely climate-controlled for the protection of all the film and media we work with.


We value your trust, and our promise is to treat your film like it belonged to our own family. After the transfer process is complete, we’ll mail the undamaged original film back to you, along with your digital end-product. There’s nothing lost or destroyed in the transfer process!


There’s no better feeling than sharing old family movies and film with your family and friends. With film transfer, there’s no more need to pull out some antiquated equipment to play them—and that’s even if you still have a VCR! It’ll be easy to share your memories with your kids and parents.


Family films stored on physical media are at danger of being lost or, worse, destroyed. Transferring your memories to digital allows you to make multiple backups, including on the cloud. These redundancies greatly reduce the risk of your memories being lost.


By having Got Memories transfer your films to digital files, you can have access to them at any time and place. Digital files can be stored on your phone, laptop, or tablet for easy viewing with family. DVDs are portable and reliable. You can even send copies to family far away!

“Talking to [Got Memories] was like a breath of fresh air. They told me exactly what I could expect in terms of quality and price… everything was done in-house.”


Got Memories makes it easy to transfer your memories from film to digital formats. Our goal: a no-hassle process that leaves you with digital memories to share with your friends and family.


Start by placing your order with us. Tell us what kind of film you have, how much there is, and how fast you’ll need it processed. Then, checkout to get started.


We’ll send you a shipping sheet to include in your package. Follow our step-by-step shipping instructions to safely send us your film and other materials.


We complete the transfer process and send both the original film and the new digital copy back to you, so that you and your family can enjoy filmed memories for years to come.

Film transfers starting at 12¢ per foot.*

*After discount has been applied.


In late 1940 the nation was entering World War II while simultaneously attempting to recover from a deep recession. My parents had been married for only 3 years and were renting a house for $50 a month. With only an 8th grade education, my 20 year old Mother was working in a laundry. My Father worked as a butcher along side his Father. They had very little income and a one year old child. It is difficult to imagine why he would invest in a professional quality, 16mm Bolex, camera at that time. I can only imagine my Mother’s reaction and the resulting hardships. With that said, it’s disheartening to imagine why he did not take steps to properly preserve the results.As you told me, the resulting DVD quality would be no better than Bad with some being Really Bad to Terrible was very accurate. But, the images were good enough! You were able to salvage images from 78 year old film of me as a toddler (which I had never seen) up to my wedding 54 years ago; images of my long deceased Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles; my wife’s deceased Parents; and so many others. There’s even a shot of my Solo Flight for my Private Pilot’s License in 1966. At almost 80 years old, there are so many forgotten memories, people, places and things. I was able to see them again. Very emotional for me. I’ve been writing my autobiography for a couple years with many blank time frames. You’ve helped me fill in many of those.Yes, it was expensive. No, I couldn’t afford it. Yes, it was worth it. I’m so glad I waited no longer with the risk of loosing more than I did.THANK YOU! You and your staff are miracle workers to say the least.You have my permission to use this testimonial in whole or part as you choose.Sincerely,George Beyers
Tammy at Got Memories is a 5 Star Employee who gave me greatservice and a fantastic product. Look no farther.
Used the service several times to transfer old 8mm to digital. Each time they thoroughly cleaned the old film and corrected any flaws. Process was quick and reasonably priced.
Outstanding Service, Convenience, and Quality. I transferred ALL of my Home Movies and Video's from film to DVD. I Highly recommend "Got Memories" for all of your Data, Home Movies, Video, etc. transfer needs. Their prices are Very Fair and the quality and service are second to None. Thank You for an Outstanding Job and quick turnaround time.
Outstanding Service, Convenience, and Quality. I transferred ALL of my Home Movies and Video's from film to DVD. I Highly recommend "Got Memories" for all of your Data, Home Movies, Video, etc. transfer needs. Their prices are Very Fair and the quality and service are second to None. Thank You for an Outstanding Job and quick turnaround time.
My mother had literally tons of old reels and slides of video and still footage from our past, and my grandparents past. As a gift, Based in their Yelp...
I called looking to develop my boyfriends old school 35mm film rolls as a surprise birthday gift. These things are basically obsolete and ancient but I was...
I found old 8mm movies from a deceased relative and most of them were from almost 50 years ago..I sent them away and "WHAT A JOY"They phone-talked an old...
There were major problems with my mini dv to digital transfer. As the videos looked fine when directly played from the tape on my video camera, I thought...
Very profession service, great results, consultation throughout the process, items ready on time
I needed a video 8 tape from 1986 of my family to be transferred to dvd and an MPEG 4 file. The quality looked great for 32 years ago! Staff were attentive and turnaround was same day! Impressed! I'm now in the process of gathering all my other video tapes for them to process since I had such a wonderful experience with the first one.
What a professional operation, I brought in about a dozen 15 -20 year old VHS tapes of my daughter growing up, despite the degradation of some of the tapes,...
I took 13 tapes that my mom gave my from my childhood. Got Memories did a great job converting them to MP4. I'm so happy! Thank you for the great service!
Got Memories did a fantastic job transferring my family's old home movies to DVD. Their prices were comparable and, best of all, I did not have to mail my...
Got Memories converted several reels of 8mm home movies for my family that haven't been seen in over 25 years. Quality is excellent. Thank you for getting them back to us in time for mother's day. My mother was ecstatic to see them after all these years. Thank you for the great work and I highly recommend this company!
Great service on getting your old reels of film transferred to DVD.I do transfers to DVD as part of my business. I do all the tape formats, the reels of film are the only media that I do not do myself. Their process of transferring is the proper way of doing it. I have been using Got Memories for years now, getting them my clients film to transfer for me ... great service with high quality results. Thanks


Like all physical media, film doesn’t last forever. All film ages, losing colors and vibrancy. Time isn’t the only threat to your film, either: fire, floods, natural disasters, pests, heat, humidity, and more all have the potential to destroy what money can never replace: filmed memories.

The best way to protect your family memories for decades to come is to transfer your film to digital formats, and create multiple backups. That’s why we do what we do here at Got Memories.

Film transfers starting at 12¢ per foot.*

*After discount has been applied.

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